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Here at Review My Contractor we believe in transparency and integrity in what we do. We follow every guideline that we can to insure we do not compromise integrity. Doing this we ensure that we will not violate Intellectual property or Copy Right Infringement laws. The data that we gather is the bases for a general synopsis of current and active reviews. You probably wondering what does this mean? Well, a Synopsis is a summary or general survey of something. You do them all the time, they are reviews! We review, current and active reviews on many different webpages and give a description of what we think that review means, without compromising integrity. We do not change the general mood of the review. But do not worry if you post a review here, we won’t change it one bit! The only reason we do this is to ensure that we can remain a trusted review site for many clients and customers alike. If the review is a bad review, we write it as a bad review if the review is good, we write it as a good review. Now you are probably wondering how do you do this?  Here is an example of 3 different types of reviews.

1 star review

3 star review

This contractor doesn't know what he is doing he put a giant hole in my wall and left without telling me. he took my money and left and wont answer phone calls

The gentleman sent to clean my chimney was very nice and professional and did a good job. However scheduling was a nightmare,the office clerk was rude, and it took 3 weeks to get a paid invoice! 

5 star review

This Company is wonderful they made my yard look really really nice after a really bad windstorm. Fast, friendly and a very reasonable price!

Our Synopsys

Our Synopsys

Our Synopsys

I'm very frustrated with this business. I feel like the Contractor is very unsure of his work. He caused damage to my home. I didn't see the damage, until after he had left with his payment, and now he will not contact me back!

The work performed by the chimney technician was done proficiently and up to my standards. However, the process of getting on the calendar was an ordeal, the employee that deals with that process was offensive in how she spoke with me when I referred to the receipt that took roughly 21 weeks to receive!

After having some bad weather this Company really came forward with a Positive Attitude and Professionalism. Making my home look outstanding in a respectable amount of time, at a fraction of the cost!

As you can see making a Synopsys of a companies reviews is not a bad thing. What this does is give the customer a better understanding of which contractor is right for them. We do this by neutralizing reviews based on facts and statements provided without a lot of emotion. If we see a concern, we address the concern in the Synopsys Review tailored to our customers.